Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that it's vitally important to keep your solar panels clean to maintain maximum efficiency?

Without regular cleaning once or twice a year their maximum output will start to reduce significantly. Because solar panels are exposed to the elements, just like windows they can be prone to getting dirty and covered in grime, bird droppings and residue from other contributing factors. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure their effectiveness, especially if they are expose to dust conditions or close to the sea where salt crystals can accumulate on their panel
When solar panels are cleaned regularly the benefits become obvious. The more electricity produced by your solar panels, the less you pay your energy provider. During the Summer months, when solar panel systems generate the most power, cleaning maintenance is especially important.

Our solar panel cleaning service, which is available to both residential and commercial customers, can provide you with an effective and affordable solution to ensure you retain the maximum savings you can expect from your solar panel installation.

The recommended cleaning period to ensure your solar panels are working at their optimum performance is from May through until August when the most hours of sunlight are received, thus saving you more money by maintaining their optimum efficiency.