Fascias & Soffit

Remember when your UPVC Guttering and Fascias were gleaming white?

Over time these plastics protect your home from the weather, gradually  become dirty and unsightly as mould slowly builds up. This in turn, makes  your property look run down. Whifasciasch is a shame, because with regular cleaning  (approximately once per year) the exterior of your property can be kept  looking like new. It can also reduce the risk of damage and dampness caused  by the spread of mould and mildew.  If required, Window Cleaning Services can maintain the original appearance of  your UPVC guttering, fascias and soffits, and protect your property with a  regular cleaning regime, and even help bring neglected fascias and soffits  back to their original appearance.  We also use environmentally safe and bio-degradable cleaning products during  the cleaning process which are specifically designed to clean exterior UPVC  surfaces. So you can be assured that we do not use chemically reactive or  toxic cleaning products when you use our services.

Full Building Washdowns

When customers   require a full building wash down Reach & Wash Wales are able to perform   this service from ground level. This eliminates health & safety risk & also minimizing the cost for you the customer.

The method used is our water fed carbon fibre pole system which reach in the region of 50ft offering greeat results.